Industry Institute Interaction Cell


  1. To catalyze growth and development of interaction between the University and Industries.
  2. To cultivate the strong links with industries and professional bodies linked with industries.
  3. To provide consultancy to industries.
  4. To provide need based education program to people working in industries so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge.
  5. To bring about MOU’S and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations in different fields and sectors to promote various forms of interaction.

To help faculties of the University link p with industries of interest for knowledge enhancement

Team Members:

  1. Nilesh Kalani, Director, Faculty of Technology (Coordinator).
  2. Priyanshu Rathod,Director, School of Physiotherapy.
  3. Devang Pandya, Deputy Director, School of Pharmacy.
  4. Khushal Kapadiya, Assistant Professor,School of Science.
  5. Hardik Mehta, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science.
  6. Nirav Mandaviya, Assistant Professor, School of Management.
  7. Nipurn Rajguru, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering.
  8. Ankit Pandya, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering.
  9. Kruti Gohel, Executive assistant.

Consultancy Solutions Provided by us !

Engineering & Technology | Management | Pharmacy | Applied Science | Physiotherapy

  • Environmental Audit Service, through Environmental Audit Lab approved by Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Govt. Of Gujarat
  • Materials Testing for quality infrastructure & effective utilization of materials, through government approved Materials Testing Lab
  • Design & Testing solutions for various engineering components prior to manufacturing. Analysis are available for Efficient Utilization of Materials, Reducing Design Time & Efforts and Optimizing Components’ Costs
  • IT solutions as per needs of the organization
  • Various training programs from higher level, middle level & lower level management
  • Tailor made technical training programs as per the needs of the Industry

RKU believe each organization is Unique & requires Unique solutions,     

Contact us to have an Unique Solution for your organization!

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