Northstar Ivy

Northstar Ivy is the Theoria of Project Northstar. A place where we are ushering a revolution in education. We are working to fundamentally transform the teaching and learning process. Under Northstar Ivy we are exploring issues of human experience, particular learning experience, through critical and constructive approach for better understanding and practice of the teaching and learning endeavor.

Within a learning exchange platform:

  1. We strive to meet educators frequently and consistently
  2. Discus on issues that are context-specific and relevant to the interests of the participants
  3. Undertake activities that are grounded in a collaborative, inquiry-based approach to learning such as design thinking, open space technology, unconference, etc along with interactive lectures and discussions.


  1. To make learning and teaching a happy experience
  2. Increase student achievement
  3. Build teacher capacity
  4. Establish a culture of collaboration