Training and Placement

Training and Placement Cell is committed to provide all possible assistance to the students in their efforts to find employment. This commitment is demonstrated by the existence of a full time professor in charge. The benefits of this assistance are reflected in the preparation of students who were able to secure lucrative and esteemed positions in recent years. The Training & Placement service operates year round to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates. Staffs are available to respond to student’s question and concern of all kinds. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.



The placement office is well equipped and is designed to smoothly handle and support the placement procedure at every stage. Arrangements for interviews, group discussions and pre-placement talks are handled by the staff at the placement office. We are equipped with the following facilities to aid the process:

  • Separate cell has been established with full time staff for placement supported by dedicated team at each college and department level in order to guide students.
  • Well furnished rooms for interviews and group discussions.
  • Fully computerized office.
  • Seminar halls to conduct pre-placement talks and tests.
  • Student placement volunteers to assist on the day of visit and through the selection process.
  • Video conferencing facilities


Each student has to undertake summer training in companies of repute for duration of 6-8 weeks. Students are required to work on projects given to them either by the sponsoring organization or selected by the students themselves. The project report/thesis is an intensive learning exercise for students to apply particular theoretical concepts into practical situations as experienced in an industrial Environment. The final placement of students is a strategic activity for RKU and all the processes are towards the same. Keeping in mind the existing and expected job opportunities, we plan to provide placement services to our participants. For effective placements, we establish close ties with the companies, which are in the process of providing jobs to our students. The existing placement cell keeps intensive interface with leading corporate/ consultants.

RKU students gain valuable work experience through the internships provided, especially if students are looking to work in a specific career field. Since relevant work experience is one of the key qualifications companies look for when comparing candidates for a job or internship, completing several internships during college greatly increases the chances of being selected for a job after graduation. RKU believes even though its students gain the knowledge required for succeeding in a specific career through their college courses and curriculum, internships are one of the best ways to develop the required skills necessary to gain the experience required to be successful in the field.


  • Public relations by examining it from a practitioner’s Perspective.
  • More about yourself and your skills, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Apply and analyze The Knowledge gained through academic Learning in the classroom to the work environment.
  • Identify The career development developing knowledge of a position in order to pursue a particular interest or career Option.
  • Identify The technical skills and knowledge required in the Workplace.


The Event is meant to equip the students to perform better in Campus Placements which gives the replica of Final Campus Placement activities for all the Final Year Students. It allows Students to gain experience and practice in answering questions similar to ones asked during an interview.

The Training & Placement Department who takes the role of the interviewer will make Mock Campus interview as realistic as possible by conducting Pr-Placement Talk, Aptitude Test, Technical Interview, HR Interview by asking questions that are typical of those that might be asked for the type of position students are seeking during Campus Placement Day. The students are provided with a detailed analysis Report on their strengths and weaknesses after the event.

The main Purpose of Conducting Mock Campus Event is to make aware Final Year Students how to supplement resume information, Students understand their strengths and weaknesses and have a sense of direction, Enable the employer to evaluate Student personality and attitudes in terms of the demands of the organization and the position, The interview assessment criteria include Technical skills, communication skills, vocational competency, critical thinking, problem solving, and professionalism.

“We are taking pride in preparing our students for the future, which is embedded in RKU’s mission. This is an invaluable experience for our students; the whole process of CV writing, discussing the interview process and analyzing examples equips them with skills that are fundamental for their future role in the industry.


Pre Placement Talks provides an opportunity to the recruiting company and the students to interact with each other. The company gives the presentation regarding the history, growth potential, future opportunities, and jobs available (content, compensation package, location, etc.) PPT also provides a company with opportunity to recruit RKU students for summer training assignments.


Campus recruitment drives are undertaken by inviting companies from the private, public and government sectors to place Institute’s students at entry level positions. Placement assistance is provided industry/sector/Vertical-wise as well as by functional area wise.