Organization Name ROBOMATION
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives · Motivate students for robotics and automation

· Interdisciplinary team work

· Real time interfacing of robotics

· Understanding humanoid concept

Planned Activities · Introductory seminar on robotics

· Mobile Robot

· Gesture controlled robot

· Cell-phone operated robot

· Pick and place robot

Students Committer members Coordinator – Ankur Vaishnav, SOE, MECH, 6th Sem,

Convener – Dinesh Kubavat, SOE, MECH, 6th Sem,

Treasurer – Harsh Maniyar, SOE, MECH, 6th Sem,


1. Ratnadeep M. Jadeja, SOE, MECH,

2. Vimal Parmar, SOE MECH,


Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization – Membership Fees 500 Rs.

– Any UG or PG students who studying a full-time course at RKU.

– Interested in Robotics

– Enthusiastic about humanoid

– Curious about interfacing

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