About Program

In M.Sc.IT, students work with the application of software and IT in technical systems. It includes controlling the function of the appliances and systems we surround ourselves with on a day-to-day basis, or for controlling and monitoring industrial machines. This concept is known as pervasive computing or ‘IT in everything’. The technology is therefore becoming increasingly advanced and incorporated into more and more products. This means that the application of Information Technology will increase significantly in the years ahead, and there will therefore be a very great demand for masters in this field.

In the rapidly evolving business environments for robotics and intelligent automation, technology can no longer be led entirely by academic researchers who run spin-off businesses part time. We need talented and trained IT managers with strong foundations in the underlying requirements and technologies. The M.Sc.IT program aims to create leaders with these qualities.

The program is designed for students who have obtained their bachelor’s degree in science, commerce, arts or management and wish to build a professional career in Information Technology. The course has been designed carefully to take the students through basic concepts to current practices in industry, and hands-on laboratory experience is emphasized at every stage of the program.

This program aims at producing software developers to meet the ever-changing requirements of the global IT industry. It covers various areas of information technology and may be focused on software engineering, software development, computer programming, software testing, or computer security.