The department of Electronics and Communication makes use of an appropriate mix of pedagogical tools to train students to handle professional responsibilities. These include lectures by an appropriate mix of in-house and visiting faculty, expert lectures, discussions, seminars, project assignments and visits to industries and project sites. Continuous evaluation and counseling are important parts of the academic program. It achieves the highest standards in both research and teaching. It endeavors to treat every student as an individual, to recognize their potential and to ensure that they receive the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals. The department aims at developing the fundamental conceptual knowledge along with the total personality, which helps Electronics engineers to face the challenges of rapidly changing industry.

Technical skills, teamwork and specialized knowledge prepare these young engineers to adopt and continuously learn new technologies. Regular pupation and expansion of the labs is done as per the requirement of the industry. Exposure to latest developments and technologies are a mandatory exercise for both faculty and students. Continuous research work and live projects are taken up by the department. Numerous professional activities are conducted to improve interaction between students, faculty, other academic institutions and industries.

The aim of the Department is to address the world’s most pressing challenges with science and technology by :

  • Attracting and retaining the best engineering academics and the support staff necessary for success.
  • Securing the brightest engineering students and teaching them to the highest standards.