— Expert Talk on VMC and tooling in Industry

Delivered by:

  • Mr. Niraj Ajmera, Proprietor,   Innocuous Engineering
  • Mr. Chetan Gajera,    Production Incharge, Tago Tech Tools

Branch: Mechanical Engineering   Semester: 5
No. of Participants: 40
Date: 21/11/2017

An expert talk was organized for the students of 5th sem Mechanical. This talk was basically intended for making students aware regarding various application of VMC. VMC is basically a type of CNC machine where it controls the movement of the tool movement and respective spindle control, coolant control, tool changer and so on.

This greatly helps in efficient control of various parameters which are affecting the machining of various components quite precisely. VMC machines being quite costly provides precise control of various parameters thereby providing quite higher accuracy over the output dimensions of the machine parts.

This talk was intended to make them familiar with the automated machining in industry which is highly utilized for making all the industrial processes quite automated and rapid. It helps students to be aware about the current trend of various machines and equipments which are utilized for improving the overall production of the industry and getting most output from the minimal input.

This proves to be highly beneficial in today’s era of competency where rapid and mass production is important for higher quality and quantity output of a product. This talk greatly encouraged students for making them think and facilitate them to work over different automation skills which is facilitating various industries in moving towards automation.

This kind of high automation requires high competitiveness in today’s era. Diploma Students being able to stay competitive its highly essential for them to have knowledge of such equipments which can facilitate them while working over shop floor.

Students were shown basic functions of various cutting tools used, and its complete evolution of the same. It provides deeper insights over the development and emergence of the automation from the conventional machining which were used previously.

It even facilitated the students in understanding different materials which were utilized in cutting tools. Importances of these materials were discussed for its use in cutting tools. It will further help them by means of building a competitive edge over other competitors while they will be taking jobs in various industries.

Expert Talk on VMC and tooling in Industry RK University Rajkot (2)

Expert Talk on VMC and tooling in Industry RK University Rajkot (1)

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