— Expert Talk on Scope of CAD and CAM for Mechanical Engineers

Delivered by:

Mr. Hardik Dharaiya, CADD-Center, Kalavad Road, Rajkot     

Branch: Mechanical Engineering    No. of Participants: 60                                                                                        Date: 10-11-2017                                                  


An expert talk was organized at Mechanical Department, School of Diploma Studies, RK University for the students of 3rd and 5th Sem Mechanical Engineering. It was basically intended for giving basic guidelines and brief overview regarding the importance of CAD and CAM in industries. It even included how it is facilitating the designing process of any particular product.

This talk was intended to make them familiar with the various Design and Drafting tools which are available in various CAD softwares. They even demonstrated about how these tools can be further utilized for enhancing the design of the component. These tools can further help them in their career.

This proves to be highly beneficial in today’s era of competency where rapid and mass production is important for higher quality and quantity output of a product. This talk greatly encouraged students for making them think and facilitate them to work over different software’s which is facilitating various industries in automation.

This kind of high automation requires high competitiveness in today’s era. Diploma Students being able to stay competitive its highly essential for them to have knowledge of such software’s which can facilitate them while working over shop floor.

Students were shown basic functions used in various CAD softwares and how it is facilitating in rapid generation of design of any component, This design is helping in rapid generation of designs of various products which we see in today’s era.

Expert Talk on Scope of CAD and CAM for Mechanical Engineers RK University Rajkot

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