— industrial visit at Liftwell hydraulics pvt ltd

Detail: Liftwell Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.,Beside Kothariya Ruda Quarters,
Gondal Road, Rajkot – 360022, Mob. 98242-14175, Email: info@liftwellhydraulics.com

Branch: Mechanical engineering
Semester: 5th sem.
No. of Participants: 40
Date: 03/08/3017

Name of industrial professional instructed: Mr. Bhadresh Asodariya (Quality Control Engineer).

Faculty members accompanied: Prof.Shiraj Sunasara, Prof. Anand Gujarati

Objective of the visit: To make students aware about the industrial aspects

Outcomes: With this visit students got aware regarding the various hydraulic cylinders which are in current use in today’s environment. Even there are various vibration dampers which are made from hydraulics which uses the concept of hydraulic oil to dampen the upcoming vibrations.

It also provided details about the various kinds of cylinders standards used for particular type of hydraulic applications. Students also got aware about different standardized parts used for particular pressure applications and how they are selected.

This visit greatly helped students in terms of relating the theoretical aspects which they have studied with the practical aspects of applying those concepts in real world scenarios.

They also got aware about various kinds of non-conventional machining processes.

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