— Industrial Visit Bhagwati Auto Industries

Branch: Mechanical engineering

Semester: 4th sem.

No. of Participants: 32

Date: 15/02/2018

Name of Industrial Professional: Mr. Arpit Sheth (Director)

Faculty members accompanied: Prof. Rajan Chauhan, Prof. Bhavdip Bharadia

An objective of the visit: This visit was mainly conducted in order to make students aware about the industrial process and how they are handling them effectively. It can also facilitate students about the kind of environment which they can likely face when they are working practically in industries. It even proved to be an enlightened visit where students came to know how different auto parts are manufactured and what are the factors which requires to be taken into consideration while manufacturing the same.

Outcomes of the visit: Today’s graduates greatly require practical exposure where they can come across various processes and methods which are applied in practical aspects. These small things which are taken care of by industry while performing any of the process or manufacturing greatly affects the final quality of the product which is to be manufactured.

It is therefore required to have an interacting session between these future graduates and industrial professionals who can guide them about how to apply the knowledge which they are gaining in order to cope up with different kinds of challenges which they might face under practical scenario.

Bhagvati auto Industries is a leading manufacturer of the Engine Valves for Automotives, Generator Sets, Tractors, Stationary and also Marine Engines. They are ensuring their desired standards as per ISO 9001:2008. Industrial professionals gave quite an interacting and engaging session where students were not only given session but were also got a chance to see the actual process taking place. They even interacted with the workers who were working there which can help them to get to know what are the practical difficulties which they are facing while producing the component and how they are overcoming the same in order to get the best quality product from that.

Students also became aware about what are the standards which are required to be maintained by the industry in order to get the different certifications. They experienced how inspection department is functioning in the industry and how they are ensuring that the engine parts which they produce are of the best quality in the market.

For ensuring th equality of the final product it is extremely required that the same is ensured right from the starting which is raw material. It is required to maintain the quality while components is going through complete process and we get the final product which is of the quality desired by the customer. This helped students understand the concept of Quality Assurance System and how it is implemented in the industry.



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