— VISAKA Skill Development at RK University Rajkot

Name of Tutors :   Prof. Nitin Jaykumar, Prof. Viral Mevcha, Prof. Kapil Pandya, Prof. Kishan Majethia
Branch: Mechanical engineering ,  No. of Participants: 70
Date: 19th January 2017

Detail: One day skill development for training over e-money transactions for encouraging digital payments.

Objective of the seminar: To make students aware regarding electronic payment system and to encourage its usage.

Learning Outcomes:

This project was mainly to encourage the use of digital payments among individuals. Students of various semesters were taught by their Class Councellers about how to make digital payments and how they are beneficial for our society.

Digital payments were encouraged as a project under VISAKA which is an MHRD project for eradicating black economy and make as much e-transaction as possible.

VISAKA Skill Development Diploma RK University Rajkot (2)

VISAKA Skill Development Diploma RK University Rajkot (1)

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