RKU students excel at IIT’s online course

Heartily congratulations to all the 23 students of 4th semester of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, School of Diploma Studies, RK University who have successfully completed a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on “Thermodynamics” subject from IIT Bombay. These students studied the subject online along with regular classroom teaching and earned “Honor Code Certificate” by successfully clearing all the examinations of the 14 week long course. The course is based on 2nd year course on Thermodynamics subject at IIT Bombay. (Link: https://www.iitbombayx.in/courses/IITBombayX/…/2015-16/about ) .

This has helped us to improve result of the subject from 74% to 80%. Along with 23 students, five faculty members also completed the MOOC successfully and earned the “Honor Code Certificate”. School of Diploma Studies also appreciates the efforts of the subject faculties Siraj sunasara and Dave Marmik for motivating a large number of students.

Students especially had a good time in exploring the differential learning as compared to the traditional classroom teaching – learning process. Their new learning experience is reflected here. We hope that this new start becomes a practice at SDS.