Recently 38 students of 5th sem, Civil Engineering-School of Diploma Studies visitedRAIYA SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT”, Rajkot on 10th September 2016. Students have participated in this visit with great enthusiasm with faculties Mr. Ilyas mathakiya, Mr. Aniket Mer and Mr. Dhaval vaghasiya.

Executive Engineer Mr. Kapil Joshi guided students in to the plant. First they visited primary treatment department in which we learnt about the working of screen chamber and grit chamber then in secondary treatment department we learnt about the working of aeration tank, sludge digester, digestion gas holder and sludge drying bed.

Raiya Sewage Treatment Plant is operated by Rajkot Municipal Corporation and treats sewage of whole Rajkot west zone. It has 125 KVA DG SET (Diesel generator) & fully equipped modern laboratory for testing of treated sewage water and it processes 51 million litter sewage per day.

It has been amazing experience both for students and faculties, treatment plant staff have fully supported not only theatrically but also practically.


Semester & Department: 5th semester, civil department.

No of Students: 38

No of Faculty Members: 03


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