— Visit to PAN Power

Students of 4th semester EE department, School of Diploma Studies visited PAN power which is situated in Kuvadava Road, Dhamalpar, Rajkot, which basically is the solar plant connected to grid directly. Total 2000 solar panels are connected with the grid. They supply power during day time and fetch the power during night time as and when required. It is one of the most precisely designed power plants in Gujarat region. They are generating total 6 to 8 MW power.

Student became aware about various components, their functioning and their respective roles in the entire mechanism by visiting the solar power plant. Deeply enough they also knew about the basics of solar power plant and basics of the solar panel, about the construction of the solar panels, how they are placed and at which angle it will receive the maximum radiation, about the cooling of the solar panels when they get heated, the season in which maximum generation of the panel occurs, about the inverters used in the plant, the transformer, about the SCADA panels used in substation.

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