A one day educational visit to Sewage treatment plant at Raiya village, Rajkot was organized for 3rd year Agricultural Engineering, SOE students on 30th July, 2016. The visit planning was initiated by Dr. Surya Nath along with the Head, Department of Agricultural Engg. Dr. Kartik Kothari.

A short welcome session was arranged. Students are addressed with certain rules and regulations to be followed. One of the faculties of S.T.P accompanied through the visit. The team of 18 students along with 3 faculties, Dr. Surya Nath, HinaBhatu, VipalMansuriya, visited the sewage treatment plant.

Mr.yagnik, staff member of S.T.P was explained about plant process. The capacity of this plant is 51 MLD (million liter day) and it is aerobic type and based on gravity effect no pump is used in whole plant. The waste water treatment divided in two parts a) primary treatment b) secondary treatment. Waste water is collected from the Rajkot city by a different pumping station and treated at this place. By the primary and secondary treatment removes the solid waste, organic and inorganic matter etc. and after that recycled water is used for irrigation and sludge collected in sludge bad. A sample of waste water to measure the BOD,COD and turbidity of it.

With sheer co-operation of staff members, Mr. Joshi, Mr. Yagnik and Mr. Solanki, of sewage treatment plant, the visit was smoothly undertaken. Students not only gained knowledge but also enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere during the visit. The visit was helped in partial fulfillment of the practical work of the syllabus.

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