— Expert talk on ‘Thermal Energy Driven RO System&Multiple effect water distillation (MEWD)’Under the Banner of The Institution of Engineers, India

An Expert Lecture had been organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering entitled ‘Thermal Energy Driven RO System & Multiple Effect Water Distillation’ on 10th-Sep-2016 under the banner of IE (India) by Dr. AnuragMudgal (Associate Professor, School of Technology) form the PanditDeendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He elaborated on Thermal Energy Driven Reverse Osmosis Process to get the Fresh and Pured water. In this century, the shortage of fresh water may rival or surpass the shortage of energy as a global concern for humanity. Many of the existing processes for producing fresh water from seawater (or to a lesser degree, from brackish water) require massive amounts of energy. Reverse osmosis (RO) is currently the leading desalination technology, but it is energy intensive and still relatively inefficient due to the large pressures required to drive water through membranes and their tendency for fouling.

Multiple-effect distillation (MED) is a distillation process often used for sea waterdesalination. It consists of multiple stages or “effects”. In each stage the feed water is heated by steam in tubes. Some of the water evaporates, and this steam flows into the tubes of the next stage, heating and evaporating more water. Each stage essentially reuses the energy from the previous stage.The tubes can be submerged in the feed water, but more typically the feed water is sprayed on the top of a bank of horizontal tubes, and then drips from tube to tube until it is collected at the bottom of the stage.

This technique can be easily implemented in Costal Areas to get the fresh water and a good of research scope is there in design improvement and manufacturing of it.

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