— Field Visit To Mundra Port RK University Civil Engineering

A visit to Mundra Port in Kutch was held by Department of Civil Engineering for the students of 6th and 8th semester. The Objectives of the visit was to Witness operations at terminals, to understand the functions of an Inland container Depot (ICD) , familiarization of various equipment’s used in terminals, to understand the importance of safety at the terminals, to get insights into the operations while loading and unloading the cargo and to understand the Custom formalities.

We had the opportunity to visit the following sites along with a guide who narrated the whole tour:

  • Terminals
  • Shallow Water Berth
  • Vessel Operations
  • Yard Operations
  • Inland Container Depot

Students were able to identify and correlate most of what they are studying in the class. They had a better awareness and appreciation of the forces of nature along with the beauty of the port which is something we usually just take for granted. The efforts taken by M/s ADANI Ports for its maintenance and infrastructure were immensely heartening to see. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm in understanding each and every aspect of the port.



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