— Google’s Applied CS with Android with Vijay Chavda

There is nothing that a code cannot do. This was proved in the 6-week long workshop on Google’s Applied CS with Android which was facilitated by Vijay Chavda, 7th Semester Computer Engineering, SOE. Around 35 students from India were selected as facilitators who were trained for this course, sponsored by Google at Mumbai.During the 6-weeks of the course conducted at RK University, students from CE, IT and MCA had enrolled. This course is designed for university Computer Science students to enhance various concepts from their curricular work and focusses on concepts from Data Structures & Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, using Android as a platform. Self-study and course related materials were provided by Google and students were enthusiastic to learn. Discussions and ideas were shared among the students, and interactions made the workshop fruitful. Students earned their certificates provided by Google after completion of the course. This was one of the many opportunities that RK University has brought for the students to enhance their skills.

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