— “Industrial visit”

A one-day educational visit to Chirag foundry, near aji dam, Rajkot, was organized for 3rd year Mechanical Engineering, SOE students on 23th September, 2016. The visit planning was initiated by NipurnRajguru and Pratik Parsania with the Head, Department of Agricultural Engg. Dr. Kartik Kothari.

The company had arranged a small welcome session and treated with the hospitality. Owner of the foundry Mr. Chirag, accompanied through visit. A team of 87 students and 2 faculties and 2 lab assistant, NipurnRajguru, Hinaparmar, Lucky and Babubhai were taken to sand casting foundry. The visit was very helpful as it helped in partial fulfillment of the practical work of the syllabus.

Chirag foundry is a leading manufacturing of Cast Iron products. Mainly products of Chirag foundry are cylinder piston ring set, silent power generators, gas power generators and turbo chargers. They have facility of sand casting method, cupola furnace, lathe machines, shot blasting. Mr. Chirag and his team member Kishorbhai has explain whole sand casting method. They have explained what are processing steps of sand casting method, which raw material is required for molding as well as melting practice. Along with that they have explain the construction of cupola furnace over there. Apart from that they have discuss all the safety issue also.

With sheer co-operation of Chirag foundry, visit was smoothly undertaken. Students not only gained knowledge but also enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere during the visit.


Visit Outcomes:

With the help of industrial visit student will be able to

  • Identify the tools in foundry
  • Identify the defects in sand casting.
  • Memorize the steps of sand casting procedure Recognize the furnace on basis of its structure

Choose the types of sand according to requirement.

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