— 2nd Faculty Conclave – 2018 organized by Gurukul at RK University under IUCEE

Gurukul at RK University organized 2nd Faculty Conclave on 14th July, 2018 under Indo Universal Collaboration of Engineering Education (IUCEE).  Aim of the faculty conclave is to give platform to the faculties to share their experiences/research in the field of teaching. Core competence of a teacher is to teach. And the teaching needs to many methods which even changes as per the need of time and audience. On the platform of Faculty Conclave, the faculties can share and discuss the research carried out by them in connection with the teaching methodologies,they used.

The session was inaugurated by Dr. A. N. Shukla. In his brief speech he explained the need and objectives of the faculty conclave. Afterwards, the participant started to represent their research work. Mihir Velani, Rajan Chauhan, Kishan Majethia, Kapil Pandya, Nitin Jayakumar, Bhavdip Bharadia, Anand Gujarati, Janki Kansagra,Riaz Israni, Muralinath Patimalla, Heena Parmar, Jigneshkumar Parmar and Dr. Ajit Kumar N. Shukla participated in this event with great enthusiasm. The question-answering after the presentation was also significant.

All the papers were peer reviewed by the eminent academicians, which let to finally 5 papers for the final presentation. Peer review was done by Dr. Ajitkumar N. Shukla, Prof. Mayank Pandya, Dr. Arjav Bavarva, Prof. Mayank Pandya, Dr. Kartik Kothari, Dr. Devang Pandya, Dr. Dharmesh Raval and Dr. Amit Sharma. All these professors were also judge during the presentation.Overall, the conclave was a great success in a way, the presenter and the attendees achieved a lot by presenting their ideas and learning the facts.


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