— Industrial Visit At Sikka Thermal Power Station

Department of Civil Engineering, RK University organised 10 days Crash Course on ‘Structural Engineering Laboratory Practice’ (SELP) from 9th May to 19th May for the M. Sc in Structural Engineering Students from Pokhara University, Nepal.
On 4th April 2018, the department of Electrical Engineering organized an industrial visit at Sikka Thermal Power Station which is one of the oldest generating stations in the state of Gujarat. There were 48 students along with Prof. Mihir Velani who took the advantage of the visit. The generating station consists of 2 units with a total power output of 500 MW. The students went around for boiler section and its auxiliaries, turbine and generator sets, control room to monitor all the mechanical and electrical parameters, switchyard and wagon tippler mechanisms. It had been a wonderful experience for the students and the department. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the management of the Sikka Thermal Power station for their permit.


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