— Training program on “Zero Defect Initiative at Workplace”

Training program on “Zero Defect Initiative at Workplace”


Workshop Team

Mr. Ravindra Biswas, Speaker, Mr. Narendra Panchani and Mr. Rahul Chavan, executive of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)


Achieving of Zero defect quality


The workshop was attended by 34 industrialists and 2 professors

The workshop

The workshop was inaugurated with welcoming of participants by Mr. Ravindra Biswas 10:00 AM and an introduction of workshop. After that Mr. Ravindra Biswas went on the session on the understanding of ‘how to achieve zero defect quality’

Topics covered in Training module

  • Why do we need the concept of ‘Zero Defects’ specifically in manufacturing industries?
  • Steps to achieve ‘Zero-Defects’ quality
  • Principles, Tools and Techniques used
  • ‘Zero defects’ approach to Kaizen and value engineering
  • Importance of COPQ & COQ
  • Understanding the concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) and QMS (Quality Management System)
  • 14 milestones of production excellence towards ‘Zero Defect’
  • Case studies & Problem-Solution
  • Group interactions

Review seminar

A review seminar has been arranged on the same topic on 17th Sept. 2016 by Nipurn Rajguru, under the banner of IE (Institute of Engineers). He has shared his knowledge and experience. The discussed points are as followed

  • What is zero defect?
  • Which are the scope of lacking for achieving zero defect?
  • Parameter affecting the productivity.
  •  Important tools for minimizing errors.


Zero defect RKU

Zero defect RKU 2

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