— Smart City: Challenges and Opportunities

 ‘Smart City: Challenges and Opportunities’ presentation at SOM by RMC Dy Commissioner Mr. Chetan Nandani.

Expert Talk at RK University on 18th August, 2015 


Mr. Chetan Nandani is the Deputy Commissioner at Rajkot Municipal Corporation. He completed his MBA (Finance) from Pune University in the year 1998. Previously he served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at RMC from 1998-2013.

As the Deputy Commissioner he is looking after Information Technology, Civil Works, Water Supply, Under Ground sewerage, Street Lights, Fire Safety, Health, Solid Waste, Sports facilities, Gardens, Livelihood projects, Women empowerment through Sakhi Mandals and many more such projects.
He has visited School of Management in past and MBA students have worked with him as management trainee in couple of RMC projects.
The whole discussion focused on how Rajkot may be among the first 20 Smart Cities of the Country and what as MBA Graduates the opportunities lies for them to serve the Country back with the RMC Governing Body in terms of really Good Placement Opportunity as well as Live Projects. 
The Different Goals that were set by the present commissioner for making Rajkot a smart city were Cattle free city, Adequate water, Clean city, Health, Open Defication, Illiteracy, Pollution free city, Traffic, Malnutrition, Slum Free City. 
To achieve these goals, further strategies were framed and targets were set for the involved staff along with the accountability. 
Initiatives such as involving the people as well as the concerned authorites like PGVCL and Police having a communication channel setup with them. The use of the latest technology and the MIS systems such as SCADA for water supply management. For the Health accrediation from NABH. The use of Non conventional energy as well as energy efficient devices for making Rajkot pollution free city. All these are only some to be mentioned here, but RMC is actually doing a lot for its citizens. 
Mr. Chetan Nandani also focused and emphasized on what are the expectations of the industry and governing bodies for hiring the MBA graduates. He said that during their two years of span the students should focus on to their communication skills, analytical and interpersonal skills along with the latest updates in the field and domain knowledge. 
As an initiative that RMC has started, they have appointed 19 Ward Officers who have an MBA degree and are working with the Corporators (elected councilors) of that ward for the people of that ward. 
Two students of School of Management, RKU are among those 19 ward officers who are contributing in making Rajkot a Smart City.
The faculty members and students received in depth understanding about how local authority – RMC functions, how government is looking to this ambitious project of Smart Cities, as well as what future avenues have opened up for the MBA graduates within the city itself. 
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