Community Pharmacy Training Program Conducted For 8th Sem. B. Pharm. Students Feb, 2017

— Community Pharmacy Training Program Conducted For 8th Sem. B. Pharm. Students Feb, 2017

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals with specialized education and training who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for their patients through proper medication use.

In order to inculcate hands-on expertise and instill confidence within final sem B. Pharm. students, which would be (and has been) greatly beneficial in their future, a Community Pharmacy Training program has been organized by School of Pharmacy, RK University, since 2014.

This year too, students of 8th Semester B. Pharm took part in Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy (Medical store) training at Gokul Multispecialty Hospital, Shree Jalaram Raghuvanshi Sarvajanik Hospital and Shivanand Multispecialty Hospital located in Rajkot.

The training in Hospitals exposed students to various clinical and non-clinical areas of the hospital. They got an on-field learning experience regarding Medication Review, Drug Utilization, Drug Evaluation and Selection, Medication Therapy Management, Emergency treatment, Disease State Management, Patient Counseling, Application of Electronic Data Processing (EDP). Making rounds along with the doctors and getting a know-how of Pharmacists’ role in an ICU made the students aware of the broad domain they could work under in a hospital, and the responsibilities they can be entitled with.

Retail Pharmacy (Medical Store) training exposed students to various tasks like prescription handling, arrangement within a retail store, store management, dispensing of medication, OTC medications, Schedule C, X and H drugs, patient counseling, billing, names of drugs and their various brands, etc. They also learnt about softwares like ‘PROMPT’ and ‘STANDARD‘ which are essential and compulsory to run a Pharmacy. Apart from medicines, students also learnt in detail about Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Medical/Surgical/Diagnostic Devices sold through a Pharmacy, the knowledge of which is crucial in a retail/wholesale set-up, but the exposure to which is usually limited during a B. Pharm. program.





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