Instrument Training Program Conducted For 8th Sem. B. Pharm. Students

— Instrument Training Program Conducted For 8th Sem. B. Pharm. Students

In order to inculcate hands-on expertise and instil confidence within final sem. B. Pharm. students, which would be greatly beneficial in their future careers whether they pursue M. Pharm. or take up an industrial job, an in-house Instrument Training program has annually been organized by School of Pharmacy, RK University, since 2014. In this training, students perform hands-on operation of various instruments used in discovery and development of drugs, their quality control, analysis, and manufacturing of formulations.

The instruments/equipment on which the students were trained in 2017:

  1. Rotary Tablet Punching Machine
  2. Bulk Density Apparatus
  3. Capsule Filling Machine
  4. Capsule Counting Equipment
  5. Bottle Washing Machine
  6. Humidity Cabinet
  7. Disintegration Tester
  8. Friability Tester
  9. Hardness Tester
  10. Pan Coater
  11. Ointment Filling Machine
  12. Bottle Filling Machine
  13. Ampoule Washing And Cleaning Machine
  14. Brooke Field Viscometer
  15. Ampoule Sealing Machine
  16. Digital Hardness Tester
  17. Ball Mill
  18. Double Cone Blender
  19. Sieve Shaker


  1. Dissolution Apparatus
  2. Tray Dryer
  3. HPLC
  4. Flame Photometry
  5. UV-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer
  6. Karl Fisher Titrator
  7. Ion Exchanger
  8. Fluorimeter
  9. Polarimeter
  10. pH Meter
  11. Conductometer
  12. Colourimeter
  13. Potentiometer
  14. Analgesiometer
  15. Cook’s Pole Climbing Apparatus
  16. Electro Convulsio Meter
  17. Photoactometer
  18. Physiograph
  19. Rota-Road Test Apparatus
  20. Histamine Chamber
  21. Eddy’s Hot Plate
  22. Remi Colling Centrifuge For Isolation Of Serum
  23. Langendroff’s Assembly
  24. Blood Cell Counter
  25. Clavenger’s Apparatus
  26. Soxhlet Apparatus
  27. Column Chromatography
  28. BOD Incubator
  29. Autoclave
  30. Orbital Shaker
  31. Gel Electrophoresis
  32. Colony Counter
  33. Laminar Air Flow


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