— School of Pharmacy has been active in spreading awareness regarding medicinal plants

School of Pharmacy, RK University, has been active in spreading awareness regarding medicinal plants, distributing them, and arranging visits to its herbal garden.

On 27/9/16, Professors of Woosuk University, South Korea, Dr. Ju Young Sung (Head of The Medicine Dept., having 33 years of experience) and Dr. Bae Kihwan (Head of The Plants Dept., having 46 years of experience) visited the herbal garden of RK University to have an understanding of the traditional Indian medicinal plants. Established in 1979, Woosuk University is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Korea.

Pharmacognosy is an indispensable branch of Pharmacy and is the basis of majority of the current Pharmaceutical research. Keeping this in mind, and considering the utmost need of medicinal plant conservation, School of Pharmacy, RK University has developed the herbal medicinal garden which finds its place in the Herbal Garden Network of India (formed by National Medicinal Plants Board, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and, Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Research), the only Pharmacy institute of India to be in that network.


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