— Teacher’s day celebration

School of Pharmacy, RKU, celebrated Teacher’s Day on 5th Sept, 2016, as a continuation of their tradition over the years. 16 students, including those of 1st sem. B. Pharm., participated as “faculties” and took lectures in various semesters. Post lunch, the students paid tribute to each faculty by showcasing their journey on the basis of “interviews” of the faculties which they had conducted a week ago, thereby lending true worth to this auspicious day. Pharma Treasure Hunt and 1-minute formed the fun-n-games part. Students also played the role of one-day Dean, Director and Class Counselors, for which they were interviewed by Dy. Director Dr. Devang Pandya. Events of the entire day were co-ordinated by Asst. Prof. Mr. Tejas Ganatra.

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