— “Marketing in Physiotherapy”

School of Physiotherapy, RK University & Rajkot Physiotherapy Association Organized a Seminar on “Marketing in Physiotherapy”

– By Mr. Mukesh Nayak, Director Physiotimes


A seminar on “Marketing in Physiotherapy” by Mr. Mukesh Nayak, Director Physiotimes, a magazine for Physiotherapists, of Physiotherapists and by Physiotherapists was organized on 25th September 2016 for Pre graduates, Post graduates, Academician & Clinician of Rajkot at RK University.

Seminar started with a keynote address & welcome note by Dr. Amit Sharma, Deputy Director, School of Physiotherapy, RK University. The expert emphasized on the inevitable need of advertising & marketing in the field of Physiotherapy. There was an interactive session that highlighted the role of goal setting, time management, social media, innovations, ethical practice being the key features for best physiotherapy practice. The worthy Sunday seminar was attended by more than 80 professionals gave new directions to physiotherapist on how to make physiotherapy practice better. RK University and Rajkot Physiotherapy Association have appreciated the effort of Dr. Mukesh Nayak to motivate and encourage professionals to do their practice more efficiently.



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