Beauty is Power; a SMILE is its Sword
Ever seen a baby smiling and felt like being the baby yourself. Yes, that’s the potential of a smile. As beautifully said: “Smiling after losing is the Biggest Victory.”


Devang Trivedi – a student of Mechanical Department, School of Engineering, RK University is a person behind millions of smiles. He is doing this through ”SHWET – The Rise of Humanity” an organization inspired by an incident of his life, two years back.
SHWET, a Sanskrit word which means “White” a symbol of peace. It is a student organization under the SOAC (Student Organizations Advisory Council) programme of RK University.


Our Aim:
“We are spreading millions of smiles by sharing few beautiful moments and helping the less privileged ones by visiting places like orphanages, Old age homes, Government Schools etc.
It’s the Joy of Giving that makes us smile.”


How do we work?
Collecting funds for various activities is the key priority for us and for that purpose SHWET has its own unique way. We visit each and every School and department, Hostels of RK. University and the Global Science School from where we collect just the waste paper and sell them to generate the funds!


The co-ordinator does the survey and decides a suitable venue for the next-visit and along with all the interested team members, we decide the date of visit after the authorized person of that institute permits us.


We spend some beautiful time with the Family. Yes, we all are a big family. We play games, conduct quizzes and have competitions like drawing, essay, craft etc. and at the end we declare winners and reward them with prizes.

1. Government Primary School, Navagam, Sardhar, Rajkot.


Distributed items: Compass box, pencil, eraser and drawing sheets.
● Drawing Competition, Quiz.
● Vocabulary games, musical chair and prize distribution to winners.
● Experience: We spent some quality time with students over there and promised to come back soon.

2. Andh-Mahila Vikasgruh, Dhebar road, Rajkot.
Distributed items: Chocolates and Lunch.
● General knowledge quiz, Singing Competition and Prize distribution to winners.


3. Friends’ Care Day at SOE, RKU.
We distributed Masks to Staff and Student of RK. University as Precautionary measure against Swine Flu on Friend’s Care Day.


Experience: We got great support and appreciation from students, staff and management of the University. We were feeling as proud and glad as for the first time SHWET worked for welfare of our colleagues and faculty members.
4. Matru-krupa Vruddhsram, Panchsil Society, Gondal Road, Rajkot.


Distributed items: Patras & Soft drinks.
 Spent quality time with them and had fun playing some games over there.

The work which SHWET is doing is a social responsibility and we think everyone should join hands. We invite members across the university for the same. Feel free to contact us on any working day during college hours.
Contact Person:
Student Coordinators:
1) Devang Trivedi (7th Semester Mechanical, SOE)
2) Amit Ghodasara (7th Semester Mechanical, SOE)
Faculty Advisors:
1) Mr. Bhavesh Raval (Mechanical, SOE)
2) Mr. Raju Parmar (Mechanical, SOE)