Extreme Mud Racing

Event Description :

Everybody knows IC engine and how it revs up the flow of adrenaline in many. This event gives you a chance to fire up your engines, in a miniature form and make a remote control internal combustion engine monster which would leave others spell bounded.

In this event, the team must make a wireless remote-controlled IC engine powered car should be manufactured by the team itself. These cars are then going to be tested for their strength, power, stability and ability to cross hurdles. It will also test the ability of the driver to operate the car.

Event Rules :

  • Dimensions should be less than 500*400*250 (L*W*H)
  • Should be controlled by a wireless remote-control mechanism throughout the race.
  • Any machine which uses DC motor for propulsion will be disqualified. However DC motors or SERVOS can be used for steering mechanism apart from propulsion.
  • The maximum allowed capacity of IC engine to be used is 5cc (i.e. participants can use 2.5,3,4cc engines lower in capacity).
  • Electric voltage anywhere in machine should not exceed 12V at any point of time.
  • Machine will be inspected and if it found to be dangerous the team will be disqualified. This decision rest safely with judges and organizers.
  • There will be a qualifying session with each team getting laps out of which the fastest car will be considered. Note that laps will have to be taken successively.
  • The top teams from qualifying rounds will make it to the second round.
  • Track will have checkpoints at regular intervals. If machine fables, halts or goes off the arena at any point on track one of the team member is allowed to lift it up and place it at nearest checkpoint behind that point. The time will be running in meantime.
  • No damage of opponent’s machine allowed. If found it may lead to disqualification.
  • Teams will not be allowed to practice in the arena before event.

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