Virtual Money Event

Event Description :

In VIRTUAL MONEY EVENT participants have to make model on specific topics which they are interested. The models can be of innovative ideas related to civil engineering.

  • 1. Duration 3 hours 30 min.
  • 2. Maximum of three members are allowed in a team.
  • 3. Virtual money will be allotted to the participant team, with which team has to buy material from market to build a necessary model.
  • 4. The teams can be innovative with their ideas to build a model, but using the materials present available in the virtual money event market. Few samples of the models are mentioned below.
  • 5. Material can also be bought from auction as well to modify your model but care should be taken that you should do it with minimum expenditure.
  • 6. The team with best model wins.

Material used:

Thermocol sheet, Ice-cream stick, Water color, Thread, Sketch Pen, Rubber band, Straw, Gum (Fevicol)

Judging criteria:
  1. Money saved.
  2. Nature and quality of model.
  3. Presentation of model.
  4. Innovation

Sample Models:
  1. Swimming pool
  2. Cafeteria
  3. Underground Parking
  4. Modern Office.


A quiz of 1st year civil engineering level will be conducted and teams who clear the cutoff marks will be allowed to make the models of their innovative ideas.

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