Inauguration of student unit of MB Society of India at RKU

Posted on February 25th, 2019 @ 10:30am

A new initiative has been taken by establishing student unit of microbiologist society of India by the Department of Microbiology of the School of Science, RK University. Dr. Arvind M. Deshmukh (President, Microbiologist Society of India) inaugurated the student unit at RK University . He also gave a speech on the recent trend in microbiology, in which he talked about the various microbiology topics such as bio-leaching, bio-pesticides, bio-plastic, bio-cement, bio-steel and said that in many such areas, students as well as microbiology teachers can bring the best innovation.

This new start of student unit will increase microbiology expansion and will be very useful in research. In upcoming months, microbiology society of RK University will be conducting a discussion on microbiology with different universities across India and international universities of Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, which will give students the benefit of guidance from national and international level experts of microbiology. Due to the establishment of this student unit, the research sector will get further boost in Saurashtra and Gujarat region.