Summer Training at Wroclaw University, Poland

Posted on December 31st, 2018 @ 04:58pm


01 Week


Fundamentals of IR Imaging in Physiotherapy

The session was divided in to theory and practical, the theory part was taken by Prof. Halina Podbielska and the Practical Part was taken by Ms. Joanna Bauer. Students done hands on session with IR Camera and submit 5 reports each which was evaluated for the grades they had received after the course completion the theory section was evaluated by an exam which was conducted after the theory session. It was the first-hand experience of the students with the Infra-red camera and use of this camera to diagnose certain disorder and make a report with the help of software.

02 Week


Introduction to Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine and Physiotherapy

These sessions were conducted in Department of Biomedical Engineering WrUST, Wroclaw University School of Physical Education in which student did Practical session with some of the very recent modalities in terms of technology like Galvanic Current, Ultrasound, Magnetic Chamber etc. The session was taken by Aleksandra Kaczorowska and Ms. Aneta DemidaÅ›. Students also made reports on the Histologic slide which they view in Different Lights and make out the difference in them in different optics. Students visited Berlin on weekend.

03 Week


Bio-optics and Bio photonics for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine.

In this last week again, the student was exposed to the Bio-optics and Preventive Medicine at Department of Biomedical Engineering in cooperation with Wroclaw University school of Physical Education, Faculty of Physiotherapy and Regional Specialist Hospital,Wroclaw,Poland. They also experience the Cryo stimulation with temperature around -60 degree Celsius and IR Sona it was an experience which is not available in India in Physiotherapy set up and the exposure itself motivate the students to explore new horizons in the field of Physiotherapy. The Faculty of these session were Ms. Aneta Demidaś, Ela Szul and Magdalena Przybyło.
The education tour was concluded with a right note as last week in Europe student utilized for sight scene and they visited Prague in CZK and Nuremburg, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany