University Bridge Program (UBP) 2018

Posted on January 1st, 2019 @ 03:54pm

Education means a lot in everyone’s life as it facilitates learning, knowledge and skill. It completely changes our personality, mind and perspective and helps us attain the positive attitude with a broader paradigm.

Right from kindergarten, every student undergoes various transitions to develop in to a mindful individual. The actual culmination of education begins with the higher education acquisition and it is this experience which brings the new dawn in the life of an individual. As rightly stated by Albert Einstein, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he or she has learned in school”, university education is something that remains embedded within us till our last breath.

To provide a gentle shift from school education to higher education, RK University has innovatively designed a unique program known as ‘University Bridge Program’, which involve students in engaging tasks and interactive activities, enabling them to break out of their shell, eventually empowering them with an insight and first-hand experience of their time on campus. The University Bridge Program (UBP) is one of the grass root innovations that the University has undertaken since more than five years now, which is also purported to highlight the importance of communication, technology and soft skills in the competitive era.

Our new-bees come from a place, where after having spent several years, they have gained a degree of comfort. Mostly, while entering the college campus on the first day, students have too many preconceived notions and/or fear about the unknown territory. For such individuals, stepping into college means sailing on an uncharted territory. This calls for an ice-breaking session where they can shed their initial fears and adapt themselves to the new atmosphere. Having discovered their struggles, understanding the most common reasons of change resistance and to make a move in the favour of our young change seekers, the RK University has been conducting the University Bridge Program(UBP) to acquaint learners the pedagogical experiences they will have in their span of educational career.

This year, we are offering a 60 hour Bridge Program from 16th July 2018 to all the aspirants of Business Administration, Applied Science, Agriculture Science & Computer Application programs, while, all the Engineering and Diploma Studies aspirants will enjoy the program from 23rd July for 10 days. This Bridge Program offers a compact package of Learning Management System, Social Responsibility, Life Skills, English as a Second Language, Ergonomics, Yoga, Sports, Placement Opportunities, a brief about SOAC club activities & domain specific sessions representing our pedagogical practices.

The program aims to expose our students to something that stands out to be an altogether novel experience, for our culture being quite distinct than other academic institutions of the region. The activities encourage students for self-learning, peer learning and group work making them feel happy about learning along with developing functional skills like network building, public speaking and bonding, which increases their performance quality holistically. Designing such a Program has been no small task. It involves months of rigorous course planning and managing logistical challenges.

UBP not only instigates but also excites our New-bees’ learning. Right from early college days they are trained to be the captain of their own ships and have their own compass to navigate them in the ocean of knowledge. To conclude, the ultimate objective of the Program was to make the students feel at ease.