• To catalyze growth and development of interaction between the University and Industries.
  • To cultivate the strong links with industries and professional bodies linked with industries.
  • To provide consultancy to industries.
  • To provide need based education program to people working in industries so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge.
  • To bring about MOU’S and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations in different fields and sectors to promote various forms of interaction.


  • Nilesh Kalani, Director, Faculty of Technology (Coordinator).
  • Priyanshu Rathod,Director, School of Physiotherapy.
  • Vishvesh Kanabar, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy.
  • Khushal Kapadiya, Assistant Professor,School of Science.
  • Hardik Mehta, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science.
  • Nirav Mandaviya, Assistant Professor, School of Management.
  • Nipurn Rajguru, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering.
  • Ankit Pandya, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering.
  • Kruti Gohel, Executive assistant.

Consultancy Solutitons Provided By Us !
Engineering & Technology | Management | Pharmacy | Applied Science | Physiotherapy

  • Environmental Audit Service, through Environmental Audit Lab approved by Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Govt. Of Gujarat
  • Materials Testing for quality infrastructure & effective utilization of materials, through government approved Materials Testing Lab
  • Design & Testing solutions for various engineering components prior to manufacturing. Analysis are available for Efficient Utilization of Materials, Reducing Design Time & Efforts and Optimizing Components’ Costs
  • IT solutions as per needs of the organization
  • Various training programs from higher level, middle level & lower level management
  • Tailor made technical training programs as per the needs of the Industry

RKU believe each organization is Unique & requires Unique solutions, Contact us to have an Unique Solution for your organization!

Prof Nilesh Kalani
Co-ordinator-IIIC & Director,Faculty of Technology
RK University